Hider (hide_r) wrote in oth_awards,

Sorry! I know, I suck. I'll try not to take forever next time.

The Desperate Kingdom of Love – Couples Icons
by rock_fairy

Near Wild Heaven – Icons of the Teens
by anddarling__

The Living Years – Icons of the Adults
by lorelai82

We Might As Well Be Strangers – Family Icons
by paintitgrey

Every Night is Another Story – Best Actor/Actress Icons
by burymyregret

Hanging by a Moment – Best Cropping
by _overpopulated

Spirit in the Night – Best Use of Color
by _loveunrequited

I Shall Believe – Emotional Icons
by _loveunrequited

I Will Dare – Humorous Icons
by tutorgurl

Crash Course in Polite Conversations – Icons with Readable Text
by buffseeds

Unopened Letters to the World – Textless Icons or Bases
by any_otherday

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking – Animated Icons
by crazygirl61

Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows – Non-Animated Icons
by any_otherday

Something I Can Never Have - Best Overall
by rock_fairy

ETA: Special category is icons from 316 :)
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