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Every Night is Another Story – Best Actor/Actress Icons

Image Hosted by Made by: partofmydreams
Image Hosted by Made by: partofmydreams

The Desperate Kingdom of Love – Couples Icons

Image Hosted by Made by: sweet_dreams87
Image Hosted by Made by: sweet_dreams87

Near Wild Heaven – Icons of the Teens

Image Hosted by Made by: sweet_dreams87

I Shall Believe – Emotional Icons

Image Hosted by fightstarr

Spirit in the Night – Best Use of Color

Image Hosted by lenz_obsessed

Hanging by a Moment – Best Cropping

Image Hosted by naley_design
Image Hosted by naley_design

Unopened Letters to the World – Textless Icons or Bases

Image Hosted by princess1085200

I Will Dare – Humorous Icons

Image Hosted by feminosity

Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows – Non-Animated Icons

Image Hosted by frowninghour

Between Order and Randomness – Special Category (currently Non
Image Hosted by mrsotown_icons

Somewhere a Clock is Ticking – Animated Icons

Image Hosted by

ETA:Something I Can Never Have - Best Overall

Image Hosted by Made by: sweet_dreams87
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Thanks for the nom :]
Thanks a bunch for the noms!
Thanks for submitting noms! I'd also really appreciate it if you chose one of your noms for Something I Can Never Have. That category could use more noms, and it's really easy to nom in. :)

A french friend, will go to Wilmington for meeting Sophia, and she want
to give her a fan book with letters and arts ( she with others fan made
it for James&Joy last year)

So if you want to participate, you can write a letter for Sophia and make arts ( 1 page, format Word by computer).Do not mention Chad please

Deadline: 15 September

Send it :