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The One Tree Hill Icon Awards

the place to nominate your favorite one tree hill icons

One Tree Hill Icon Awards
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Welcome to The One Tree Hill Icon Awards! This community was inspired by communities like gg_awards and alias_awards. Because there are so many great One Tree Hill icons floating around Live Journal, I decided to make a community where we can recognize those icons and award their makers for creating them.

In this community you can nominate your favorite icons in various categories and then vote for the winners. Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions, the Category Descriptions, and the rules below before participating. Most of all, have fun!

The Desperate Kingdom of Love – Couples Icons
Near Wild Heaven – Icons of the Teens
The Living Years – Icons of the Adults
We Might As Well Be Strangers – Family Icons
Every Night is Another Story – Best Actor/Actress Icons
Hanging by a Moment – Best Cropping
Spirit in the Night – Best Use of Color
I Shall Believe – Emotional Icons
I Will Dare – Humorous Icons
Crash Course in Polite Conversations – Icons with Readable Text
Unopened Letters to the World – Textless Icons or Bases
Somewhere a Clock is Ticking – Animated Icons
Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows – Non-Animated Icons
Between Order and Randomness – Special Category (currently Non 100x100)
Something I Can Never Have - Best Overall

1. All icons must meet Live Journal standards (maximum 40kb, 100x100, jpg, gif, png).
2. Post icons with the category and the username of the icon maker.
3. You may nominate up to three of your own icons, but you must nominate at least one icon made by someone else for each of your own icons.
4. You may nominate a maximum of 2 icons per category and 20 total icons per week.
5. If you nominate more than 3 icons, put them under an lj-cut.
6. Please let the icon maker know that you are nominating their icon.
7. Past winners are excluded from being nominated again, even in a category that they did not previously win.
8. You may vote for icons that you nominated, but not ones that you made.
9. Nominated icons are not available for use without the permission of the icon maker.

Nominations: Monday – Friday
Voting: Saturday – Sunday
Winners Announced: Sunday night

MODERATORS: bananners and hide_r
BANNER AND ICON BY: obsessive__love